Life of our Artists at Coupleofthings

Life of our Artists at Coupleofthings

Hey everyone, I’m Zainab, illustrator, artist, and founder of CastleWaveStudio. I’m here hustling and creating waves with my cutesy illustrations and designs. I've always been inclined towards drawing and doodling since I was a child. I'm a graduate in Graphic Design and Visual Communications.

Back in 2015, I'd recently finished college and I thought I should start a side hustle along with figuring out whether I want a job or not. At that time I made the page and it was just there. Fast forward to some years later I moved countries and I thought of pursuing freelancing more aggressively and that’s when Castle Wave actually came to life.

Now you must be wondering about the name? When I was thinking of one I thought to my self that no “Castle” is built in a day and neither can we do it without hustling and overcoming certain challenges “waves” that’s how it came to be CastleWaveStudio.


artist at coupleofthings

I enjoy illustrating snippets from my day to day life, especially the relationship moments with my husband. Portrait Illustrations is something that I’ve recently touched upon and I’ve grown to love doing. Be it an individual, couple, or even family.

As an artist and freelancer, I think we face a number of obstacles daily. To be successful at what you do I believe it takes years of questionable decisions, mismanaged finances, and an extremely focused lack-of-drive.

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