Art Commissions on Various Platforms: The Boon and Bane

Art Commissions on Various Platforms: The Boon and Bane

Maybe you’re wondering, how on earth do people turn reality into creative work of art such as wonderful portraits, vexel arts, paintings, amazing avatars, and so on? Are you curious about it? Or maybe you are one of those people who are actually finding the right platform to find artists that would definitely give you the satisfaction that you deserve through their art. If this is you, then keep on reading. We might help you find the perfect platform that commission artists that are perfect for your own taste.

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But before we begin, let’s briefly discuss first, what is Art Commissioning? Art Commissioning is the process of recruiting an artist to make a work of art, in light of the customer's request and satisfaction. There are numerous reasons why individuals commission arts. Some of the time, the piece they truly like is excessively huge or excessively costly. All things considered, a customer is probably going to demand a little or more moderate piece.

Today, numerous artists are available to taking on commissions as it gives them individuals that are making the most of their work. On the off chance that you truly like a masterpiece yet, it's as of now sold or you are hoping to get something more customized, give arriving at a shot to the artists. Commissioning artworks from artists is an exceptional encounter that permits you to believe somebody to make what you are envisioning. It allows you to have a customized masterpiece that will remain with you until the end of time.

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Now that you know what is art commissioning, let’s dig deeper on the platforms that you can find artists that can willingly create the perfect masterpiece for you.

Here are various platforms you can find artists that commission their art:

  • Etsy is an online commercial center underlining individuals, networks, and creativity, and imagination. It permits you to scan for and purchase vintage items and exceptional expressions and specialties that are hard to track down anyplace else. Nearly everything on Etsy is made as well as sold by individuals like you and probably their independent companies. One of the many things Etsy can offer is art commissioning. There are various artists who commission their arts through this global online site and market it with their desired prices.
  • So, the big question is: How can you find the perfect artists on Etsy since it offers a variety of artworks and it’s like diving on an ocean of great artists. 

    Here’s a simple step by step:
    Identify what kind of artwork you desire -> Communicate to candidate artists -> Select the desired artists -> Negotiate terms and conditions -> Discuss preferred Art -> Have a formal contract -> Project begins -> Receive the perfect art for you!
  • Etsy is home to an enormous number of artists who sell customized things that have more appeal than anything you may discover at your neighborhood shops. Along these lines, the alternative to sell artworks on Etsy is an extraordinary one for a wide range of artists. Regardless of whether you need to sell works of art on Etsy or are a picture taker searching for another market for your prints, Etsy may be the ideal solution to your selling misfortunes.
  • It may be overwhelming to find the perfect artists because of the number of artists that you can choose from. So here’s a technique: Experiment with search terms or tags. You definitely have something in your mind about what of art you want to purchase. So, you can search for something like “watercolor, vexel, portraits, avatar, comics, etc.”
  • In here, you can do past simply draw a commission. You can likewise leave your drawings alone imprinted on telephone cases, canvas, and so forth. Some procure a great deal of cash doing drawings of their canines and printing them on telephone cases or cushions. Utilize a Print-on-Demand stage like Printify and Printful.
    • According to Fiverr itself, “Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click.”
    • One of the many things that Fiverr offer is a wide range of freelance artists for hire, affordable commission services that you can find at the comfort of your own home. One of their goals is for people to “find the best Commission art services you need to help you successfully meet your project planning goals and deadline.”
    • Like Etsy, Fiverr also have an overwhelming number of artist that provides artwork services for different target audiences based on what they need.
    • Simple Guide on how to buy artworks on Fiverr:
      Sign Up -> Find Artists -> Do the basics (like negotiations, contract, etc.) -> Project Begins -> Receive the Art!
    • “DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.”—this is what they claim. It is an online network including fine art, videography, and photography. It was propelled on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens, and others. Works of art are composed in a class structure, including photography, advanced craftsmanship, conventional workmanship, writing, Flash, filmmaking, skins for applications, working framework customization utilities, and others, alongside downloadable assets, for example, instructional exercises and stock photography. Extra highlights incorporate diaries, surveys, gatherings, and portfolios.
    • Basically, DeviantArt is one of the most trusted and famous communities to show the artist's portfolios. It may not be a direct online community to buy artworks, but you can definitely find a lot of good artists here.
    • These sites are just some of the few ones where artists can build their own brand. Through these easy-to-use sites, they can build their own name and branding as an artist and start their own career in art commissioning.
    • Several advantages of having or using these platforms in art commissioning are:
    • Artists are independent, they can create their own rules and process on art commissions.
    • There are many choices.
    • Artists can create their own branding.
    • You can find lower-priced artworks in here since artists are independent.

    Now, that we know a few platforms that you can find out there, let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of these platforms in general.


    • There are a lot of choices. It feels like you are diving in an ocean of talented artists.
    • Prices have a wider range.
    • You can pick an artist that matches your vision.
    • Famous online sites are usually user friendly. (example: DeviantART has very easy layout system and best comment system compared to other sites)
    • Artists don’t have to bid for clients. (Clients will be the one to find artists)
    • These sites usually have a forum that creates a friendly environment.


    • There will be times where clients cannot guarantee that artist is available or not. (Some artists on the sites are not active anymore)
    • The tendency is that most of the time, there will be poor communication.
    • Rushed and low-quality projects can be a problem.
    • Stolen artworks are possible.
    • Scams are possible.
    • Some artists don’t show upfront prices.
    • A refund is not guaranteed if you don’t like the work.
    • For first time buyers, sites can be overwhelming.
    • For artists, it is so hard to get noticed.
    • There is no guarantee that you can receive the artwork.

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    WORK WITH US (COUPLEOFTHINGS.NET): offers a variety of masterpiece that can be obtained through the straightforward, risk-free transaction, quality work is guaranteed first hand before releasing it to our customer and a wide range of artists that we selected and identify to have their own unique style to do your work and the things is each artist is different! We guarantee you that you will be happy with the results.

    You can take note as well that we have a small pool of artists (Only the top few artists in each category (5-10) get listed here) in each art category and you do not need to worry about inactive artists or worried that there are no responses after the transaction, we are live 24/7. we picked our artist strictly and ensure they are the real artist who will be doing your work instead of just an App Filter with low resolution. 

    We review our artists' work on a weekly basis and monitor the review of their customers. Call us biased or whatsoever, but you have the assurance that you can definitely enjoy our service!


    • We have a wide range of choices and budgets available. You can go to our sites, find the artist that you want, and the kind of artwork that also fits the budget that you have.
    • We offer a variety of choices by author, design, or pricing. So, definitely, you can find the artist perfect to create your vision and turn it into reality.
    • Once you already selected an artist, you can view some of their past works and imagine how you want your portraits to look.
    • You can definitely be one hundred percent transparent to the artist and tell them what you really want. With us, you can guarantee a safe space and friendly environment while expecting a jaw-dropping result.
    • Yes, you read it right! With us, you can create your own requirements such as additional background or items that will enhance the creativity and imagination of the artist. The collaboration between artists and clients is definitely welcome here.
    • You can also add up a note to the artist. It is very much allowed. 
    • You are encouraged to upload as many photos as possible so artists have a clearer picture of your vision and desired result.
    • Once the mentioned steps above are done, a confirmation email will be sent automatically that their order is processed. If there are any questions, we will be in touch with you via email. By this, you can guarantee that scams will definitely not going to happen.
    • You can guarantee that our service will meet your satisfaction. If there are any details that you want to be enhanced, you can always go back to the artist, tell them what is needed to be done, and we will send it to you again right after.

      Want a hassle-free negotiation while expecting greater results? is definitely for you! Go out there, and show off the artwork that you just envisioned, now turned into reality.


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