Introducing our Artist - Rayuu

Introducing our Artist - Rayuu

As the title says, my name is Rachel. But, on the internet, I oftentimes go by Rayuu. I am 24 years old and I have always been pretty in-tuned with that right side of my brain (or is it the left side...? I don't know, what I'm trying to say is I'm artsy!)

I am all-around an artist, but my favorite is to create work digitally. I work on my XP Pen Artist 12 with a paid copy of Clip Studio Paint and make a lot of the stuff you can see on mine portfolio. It is my absolute passion to create the visions in my head and for a long time, I thought that's all I'd ever do, however...

rayuu - coupleofthings artist

I've begun to make work for others too, and bringing their visions to life as well through representing their characters or recreating them or a friend or whatever character in my styles. Over time I've grown from learning from my challenging commissions and begun to also grow an eye for design, but I don't really get paid for that yet! However, it does definitely help in creating lovely pieces for my clients.

I have worked hard to satisfy every customer I've ever gotten while in return their pieces have helped me learn how to do things I never did before and I have grown from it, and I hope eventually I can pursue big things with these things I've learned... and if not, I've at least had a really great time.

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