Meet Honey! Our Artist with Coupleofthings

Meet Honey! Our Artist with Coupleofthings
Honey Profile Picture - Coupleofthings ArtistHoney - Coupleofthings Artist

Hi, I’m Honey! A freelance illustrator. I’m in my third year of college at Sebelas Maret University, one of a college in Indonesia. I majored in visual communication design there. I love drawing since I was a child. Now, I make my hobby as a job. Just want you to know, Honey is my real name. My parent gave me that name because they want me to be a sweet girl who is loved by everyone. I hope I can make your sweet memories even more memorable with my illustrations. :)

My busy life apart from studying and freelancing is making comics on Instagram. I’d love to share my experiences through the comics I made and received many responses from everyone. Below, I’ll share some of my artworks.

Couple Cartoon Portrait

Couple Comic -

Couple Eating Comic -

Couple Comic - Video Call -

Asian Guy Cartoon Illustration -


That’s all from me. You can see my other artworks on my IG (@Honey.comic). Thank you!!



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