10 Breathtaking Couple Portrait Ideas That You Will Surely Love!

10 Breathtaking Couple Portrait Ideas That You Will Surely Love!

I know for a fact that many of you wants to commission a couple portrait art but is lacking ideas on what’s the right one to purchase. That is why I made this special list of ideas that can surely help you figure out what exactly you want your artwork to be.

Believe me, there’s a lot of people who hides underneath the simple type of couple portrait not because you don’t want to be extra in your artwork but because you don’t know exactly what you want, or maybe you are not imaginative enough to think of your couple portrait into something else—aside from being simple.

So without further ado, I introduce you to 10 Breathtaking Couple Portrait Ideas that you will surely love!

  1. Custom Hand Drawn Couple Portrait with your pet
  • Still don’t have a child yet you have your pet? Then this couple portrait idea is perfect for you. Make sure to include your pet in the couple portrait to achieve that “family picture” kind of portrait.
  • For sure, this type of couple portrait will be much more meaningful to both of you, since your love to your pet connects you into a much deeper level.
  • So why not try it now, and send us your best photos with your pet! And we will be the one in charge of turning that photo into the couple portrait that you like!


  1. Watercolor Kissing in the rain Poster
  • Want a romantic-ish kind of couple portrait? Then this one is for you. Let us take you back to your teenage years. Remember those days were you want to run in the rain with your boyfriend/girlfriend because for you, that is so Nicholas Sparks’ movie kind of moment.
  • Dear, nothing and no one will stop you here from going back to those days. So what are you waiting for? Connect now to Coupleofthings.net to find the perfect artist that will definitely bring you back to those good old days through a couple portrait!


  1. Personalized Renaissance Couple Portrait
  • According to Arts&Culture, “The Renaissance movement brought realism back to art and presents people in their true form. These works are not extravagant- the people are the center of attention and the backgrounds are plain. The subjects are posing for the artist and are represented realistically. The Renaissance period saw the first oil paintings and this became the standard for artists everywhere, whereas tempera paint had been the standard before. Renaissance artwork is prim and proper, and often depicts people of high social status, but also became the first time in history that anyone could have a painting of themselves done, so long as they had the money to pay for it. As you go through this gallery, you will understand the components of the Renaissance era and see common themes among the works.”
  • So if you are the type of couple who wants to highlight the subject itself rather than the background, and wants it to be extra, then Personalized Renaissance Couple portrait is definitely for you!


  1. Personalized Couple Portrait of your marriage
  • The day of your marriage is the most significant day of your lives as a couple. So, why not try to have this personalized couple portrait of your marriage? All you have to do is connect to Coupleofthings.net, find the perfect artist, send tons of photos from your marriage, and that’s it! You can suggest your own preference to the artist, and the artist will do it for you. Simple as that.
  • For sure, you want to take yourself back to that special day. So why not have it now and have it framed to your wall so that it will remind you of that day you vowed to each other of your great love— ‘til death, do as part.


  1. Charcoal Couple Portrait
  • If you want something simple yet classy, then Charcoal Couple portrait is for you!
  • This kind of couple portrait will also reflects the reality of being couple since this one is very realistic. And knowing the effort to do this kind of portrait is a plus!
  1. Custom Cartoon Couple Portrait
  • If you want something that will remind you of your childhood days, Custom cartoon couple portrait is perfect for you! It is also perfect for those couples who have kids, since they will not be the only who can appreciate it, but your kids as well!


  1. Marvel /DC Inspired Couple Portrait
  • If you both are fan of Marvel/DC or any superhero, then this one is for you! For sure, there are days while watching your favorite Marvel/DC movie, you thought of being one of the character. So, why not make it as a dream come true?
  • Commissioning couple portraits here in Coupleofthings.net, anything is possible! If you want to be a character or a superhero together with your husband/wife, then try having this one! We offer plenty of artists that you can definitely choose from to make this kind of artwork for you.


  1. Fantasy Inspired Couple Portrait
  • Here in Coupleofthings.net, your fantasy/imagination can be turned into reality. It’s always your choice! All you have to do is briefly explain the concept of fantasy that you want to be seen in your artwork. You have all the freedom even in the tiniest details.


  1. Comic Style Couple Portrait
  • If you are a fan of reading comics, why not try this one? It’s definitely the one for you! You can also put texts in here, like you are communication to your husband/wife. Again, you always have the freedom to choose.


  1. Couple Caricatures
  • Why not try to surprise your loved one with a romantic gift like this—a personalized couple caricature based from your lovely photos!
  • It can be a funny way to celebrate your love to one another and realize that not everything should be taken seriously in relationships. It is very important to take things lightly to avoid conflict and stress.


With all of these being said, I know that you can already decide what art to commission. But take note, that whatever kind of couple portrait you choose, it’s still the thought that always counts. So don’t pressure yourself by thinking of it too much, as long as it has your face on it with your loved one, it will definitely be special.

If you want something from above or you are thinking of commissioning one, you can comment down below! Or if you have other suggestions aside from the ones tackled above, you are very much welcome to comment as well! We’d love to hear something from you.


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