Soldier Bobble Head | Soldier Bobble Head Figurine | Coupleofthings
Soldier Bobble Head | Soldier Bobble Head Figurine | Coupleofthings
Soldier Bobble Head | Soldier Bobble Head Figurine | Coupleofthings
Soldier Bobble Head | Soldier Bobble Head Figurine | Coupleofthings
Soldier Bobble Head | Soldier Bobble Head Figurine | Coupleofthings

Custom Bobble Head Mini Figurine Soldier Customized

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Custom Bobble Head

Nothing beats an Army gift for him.

Members of the U.S. military make great sacrifices for their communities and country. That's why the beloved soldier in your life deserves a wonderful gift, whether it's graduation from the military academy, retirement from the military, or every occasion in between. A gift is something that shows how proud you are of him and helps him relax from work. Military life can be very stressful, after all.

It is also a gift that can be used when placed. You may be wondering:
What will show him how proud I am? Or what military gifts will help him get away from his hectic military life, especially when he is abroad? At Coupleofthings, you found the most wonderful military gift he would be so grateful for. 

Introducing our custom made bobble head for Army personnel! This unique and personalized figurine is the perfect gift for any military member or veteran.
Our bobble head is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring a durable and long-lasting product. It stands at approximately 6 inches tall and features a highly detailed and realistic design, complete with a military uniform and accessories.
You can customize your bobble head with any rank, branch, and even specific unit insignia. Simply provide us with your desired customization options and we'll take care of the rest.
This bobble head is not only a fun and entertaining collectible, but also a meaningful and sentimental way to honor the service and sacrifice of our brave military members. Order yours today and show your support and appreciation for the brave men and women who serve our country.

We are happy to provide our customers with a best price guarantee for premium quality custom bobble head. You will not find any other company on the internet that provides you with high quality custom figurines at the lowest prices – only at

If you think you have found a better price, please email us that offer, and we will match the price. Plus, we will give you an additional 10% discount. When comparing our prices to others, please make sure you add all extra charges by the other provider, e.g. charges for proofing, base color changes, glasses, tattoos, helmets, caps, hats etc.

Typically it take 3-7 business days to send you proofing and confirm if your custom figurine can be deliver to you. Once that is confirmed, we will schedule for delivery where it will takes 7-14 business days depending on your country. You also have an option to choose Express delivery which take between 3-5 business days with DHL Express.

Due to the customization nature of our bobbleheads, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded once the production process has been started. There is cost involved in each phase of the production process.

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Do chat with us and send us a reference picture and we will let you know if we are able make it.

If it is a small item such as earring or hat, we will do it free of charge. :) However for a bigger/complex item we will update you the cost before proceeding with the work.

Generally, you'll just need one good quality, front facing photo of the person for us to make the bobble head.

Crafting of Bobble Head is a highly subjective process. It's art, not science. All engravings are done from photographs (which may or may not be very similar to the person), so the quality of the photographs provided is very important to get a strong resemblance.

However, even with a good photograph, while some people find it very similar to the person, others do not, due to the subjectivity that comes with engraving. However, with good photography, a specially trained artist should be able to create something very similar.

So, give us a chance to help you create your bobble head and we will show your the proofing before delivery.

yes. Sometimes the lighting in the image may make the subject's hair appear darker/lighter than it actually is.

Most of the time, we may not get the correct color of the person's eyes/skin.

We also believe it's best not to assume and let you tell us what color you want the bobbleheads to be made.

In theory, 3D printing could be used to create dolls that look very similar. However, this requires a full face/body scan at the manufacturer's facility.

The process of 3D printing photos is no better than engraving by hand because photos don't provide enough detail for these machines.

That's why we ask our most talented sculptors to create your bobblehead. We can add an artistic touch to the creation process, and you can get great results even with less-than-perfect photos!

The bobble head will resembles the person in the picture, but there is usually a slight cartoon effect added by the sculptor.

This cartoon effect makes this product a surprisingly interesting and unusual gift.

Photos may not accurately represent a person's facial features as they may not reflect the true nature of a person's face. However, we create figures that are very similar, you may refer to the reviews to have a rough idea.

For made-to-order items, it may not be possible to cancel or change your order once production of the item has begun.

Cancellations or modifications will incur a 40% fee based on the price of the item as the item is made to order and can no longer be sold as new. Restocking fees often include raw materials used, labor costs, and handling fees.

We can have your bobble head created in 13 business days. The turnaround time shown as an engraving option is for a single custom bobblehead order.

In most cases, it will take longer to make additional identical copies, especially if ordered in large quantities. While we offer unlimited free revisions and a free proofing process, we charge an additional amount if it involves changes that is different from the original requirement and It will take additional 5 business days.

Engraving time begins after all details of the project have been clarified and confirmed (in some cases all details must be given to the model before the engraving process can begin).

Shipping time depends only on the shipping method selected during the checkout process. Standard shipping time is usually 7-15 business days and expedited shipping time is 3-5 business days.

processing time and logistics speed will be slower during the Christmas period.

While we try our best to acheive a similar looks (50-80%). Do note that we will also send you a photo of the completed bobble head, we will only schedule delivery for you once we got a YES from you!

You may let us know which part do you feel that it does not look similar and we will try to revise it based on your advise.